SCA question:

"explain the selection of Royalty in the SCA"

An online friend is trying to write down this process.

Generally, I like to avoid re-inventing the wheel. Somebody, somewhere, has to have written this down before.

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A second day of Honey-Baked Ham (TM) at my brother's place, with lots of family. And more green-bean casserole!

Best of all, Mom's pumpkin pie.

Oh, and the niecelings and nephlings liked all their gifts, even the "weird" ones from Central America.

Inkspot update

Just for holiday cheer, SIL dropped off Inkspot yesterday since she'll be working over the holiday; Madam is much cheered since she's greatly missed the little imp.

So have I.
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Christmas Eve

We're both missing our Wundermutt, The Wee Atomic Beastie, but are looking forward to being scolded by her on Sunday for being gone for so very, very, very long.

Dinner was an excellent Honey-Baked Ham (TM) plus home-made sides of potatoes and the famous redneck casserole (green beans with fried onions and cream of mushroom soup). We likes it we does.

Madam Atomic burned up lots of wifely points when she sent me off at 6:05 pm to buy more wrapping paper. Giant had only hanna-montana wrapping paper (who-T-F is hanna montana?), no pecan turtles; so I headed for CVS, along with all of Montgomery County.

I got Madam a nice red velvet bag with three lumps of coal and gave it to her during dinner.

After dinner I gave her the box-o-chocolates that she deserves for the other 99.9 percent of the year.

Tomorrow p.m. we'll head over to my side of the family for Christmas Day festivities at one of my brother's. There'll be more HBH (TM), &tc. I'm bringing Gluehwein, among other things.


And so do I.

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Inkspot just left with her new "mommy," my sister-in-law. They were introduced a couple of days ago and we even had Inkspot over at her house for some familiarization. She called when they arrived; Inkspot did a Houdini and worked her way out of the harness she was in that was supposed to keep her securely seated in the backseat of SIL's car. At least (this time) Inkspot didn't decide to stick her cold nose in the driver's ear and then climb into the frontseat to help with the driving. Which is what she did to me when I took her to the vet in Central America to get her travel paperwork done.

Inkspot is a real charmer and already has SIL wrapped around her little paw. Plus she clearly loves SIL; she got very excited to see her when she first came over this afternoon.

Both MadamAtomic and I miss the little wretch but are happy to see her go to a good home where she'll be well cared for and loved.
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The Inkspot Has Landed!

Madam Atomic and I have, after much travel, arrived in the U.S. with our prize, the very-rescued Inkspot, Canus Potlickerus, for delivery to her sister later this week.

American Airlines was wonderful, both at the departure end in Central America as well as in Miami and at Reagan; even the airport security in Miami as well as the Customs officers there were extremely helpful and kind; but was really amazing was how Inkspot successively charmed the pants off dozens of returning American tourists, from the very moment we got in line at the ticket counter all through the Miami and DC airports. People would break out in smiles at her, try to pet her, ask us where we'd got her, talk about the dogs they'd met and fallen in love with in town, at the beach, in the markets, about how their friends had rescued a dog, or how they'd rescued a cat from Argentina (true story), or ask what we had to do.

What did we have to do? Take pity on a helpless, scrawny mutt we'd seen decline from a healthly and playful puppy who was cast out from her human family's house when she contracted mange and got sick. Get help from the local humane society (there are humane societies EVERYWHERE!, they're just over-burdened in general but can help you specifically when you ask), paid for veterinary care (with a discount since it was a humane society case), worked out a care, shelter, walking, and feeding schedule in combination with one of our colleagues and neighbors who also loves dogs (and has one of her own), setting up a temporary kennel in a screened-in porch. And give two months of TLC.

Once she was healthy enough for the surgery, we had the humane society's vet spay her so there won't be yet another series of puppy litters that no one particular is going to care for.

We shared before-, during- and after-pictures with friends and family, and my sister-in-law bit. She has her own house, with a fenced-in backyard, as well as a big heart. We paid for the shipping for Inkspot to accompany us on our R&R leave, as well as buying a correctly-sized travel crate. We'd crated-trained Inkspot using The Wee Atomic Beastie's* old (and now-too-damaged-for-shipment) travel crate as Inkspot's bed from the beginning of the rescue/rehab effort, so we simply swapped-out the bigger one for the new travel crate about two weeks before the flight.

Inkspot was cured of mange, of ticks and fleas, of at least one opportunistic/secondary infection, of tapeworms, of open sores and virtual hairlessness (and that during the worst of the cold/rainy season) and is now the spunkiest and most affectionate little wretch you've ever seen. She's now got her color back (along with her hair) that earned her the nickname "inky" due to her dark black fur, although the tail was the last part to recover, from it's nearly opposum-like baldness.

She's developed a thin white streak on her chest, a fondness for playing with doggie toys (which she'd never seen before), immediately took to walking on a leash (she's so proud walking on a leash with "her" people walking her), and adores running back and forth between too people calling her name, or in playing tug-of-war while growling fiercely with the neighbor's dog, a golden retriever three times her size, who growls fiercely back at her and takes care to not win too quickly.

She even managed to win her way into the heart of miss-cranky-pants herself, The Wee Atomic Beastie, who was a little jealous of all the attention lavished on Inkspot, but learned to go on walks together tolerently and even to play chase a little bit without loosing her temper at the obstreperous Inkspot.

Inkspot's new "mommy" will be coming by the house later today to get introduced. She's so excited to be meeting Inkspot; we'll all be going to Petsmart this evening to start getting her equipped.

*This userpic is The Wee Atomic Beastie, our very first rescue puppy from the Third World, who has been with us over six years now.

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Yesterday: leftover turkey in leftover gravy, over toast.

Today: leftover turkey in leftover gravy, heated and mixed with leftover rice from yesterday.